About Reichman University



Reichman University is a dream realized; an academic institution that changed the face of higher education in Israel, and has become a successful, pioneering model and source of inspiration.

Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichman in 1994, Reichman University is a non-profit organization modeled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the twenty-five years since its establishment, Reichman University’s success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world to our doorstep.


Reichman University’s founders sought to create an Israeli university in which personal achievements go hand in hand with social responsibility. Our outlook is rooted in the concepts of “freedom and responsibility” and emphasizes initiative and leadership alongside community service.


Reichman University is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research and the training of future leaders by providing educational programs which combine academic study with practical, hands-on training and encouragement for innovative thinking. Our faculty is dedicated to Reichman University’s primary goal: giving our students the tools they need to become leaders both in Israel and abroad.


In addition to the aforementioned goals, we are committed to dealing with the issues of: Israel’s social & moral agenda; constitutional & governmental reconstruction; economic growth based on a free enterprise system; reevaluation of Israel’s diplomatic strategies and policies, and more.