There were no private educational institutions of significance in Israel until 1994, when IDC Herzliya was founded. Modeled on Ivy League universities in the United States, Reichman University is a non-profit corporate entity which is not subsidized by the government and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research. Its founders aimed to create an Israeli university for the third millennium – a university where personal achievement goes hand in hand with social responsibility.


Reichman University’s approach is fundamentally different from other academic institutions in Israel because of its interdisciplinary spirit and strong social commitment.


Reichman University seeks to train a future Israeli leadership of the highest caliber in the fields of law, business, government, computer science, communications, psychology and economics.


Reichman University aspires to provide its students with a broad, in-depth education and the skills needed to excel in the international business arena of the 21st century.


Reichman University seeks to employ accomplished faculty of international repute whose careers reflect a combination of scholarly excellence and practical experience.

Reichman University fosters research, scholarship, and development programs noted for their quality, creativity, innovation and impact. Reichman University is a center for the creation of knowledge; the advancement of the social sciences linked to jurisprudence, the sciences and innovation.
Reichman University is a leading hub for innovative and collaborative research.


Reichman University, a non-profit organization established for the public good, charges tuition based on actual costs, while taking into account the financial means of its students. It selects and rewards its faculty and administrative staff on the basis of individual merit.


Reichman University is actively involved in the community, contributing according to its capabilities and the resources at its disposal.


Reichman University is committed to the fundamental values of a free and tolerant society, while maintaining a Zionist philosophy – first and foremost, freedom of the individual for self-realization in all realms of thought and action, while striving to strengthen the State of Israel.


Reichman University’S motto is "freedom and responsibility."