​A message from the president

Dear students,


The time that you spend at university has the power to greatly influence your future. We are welcoming you during an era that is full of challenges, resulting from the changes that are sweeping the entire world and which also affect your immediate environment.


Even during this period of change, we are thinking ahead, about your future and the world that awaits you after graduation. The shifts that are taking place represent a fascinating opportunity for us, and the entire university community is constantly engaged in innovating our curricula and research.


27 years after the establishment of IDC Herzliya, this year, for the first time, we opened our gates bearing the official status of a university – Reichman University.


Reichman University is an institution with a social mission and a commitment to training the future leadership of Israeli society. From day one, we believed that an interdisciplinary education, combining at least two fields of study, is what is right and best for this mission. We continue to create connections between the social sciences and the fields of science and technology.


This year at Reichman University, we have approximately 8,400 students in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs; about 2,200 of these students have come to us from 90 countries around the world to pursue first and second degrees in English at our international school. The multicultural atmosphere on campus is palpable, and we are proud to be an institution that cultivates young global leadership.


Our combination of top lecturers and innovative curricula have helped our impressive graduates enjoy unprecedented success in the job market and academia. Along with knowledge and analytical tools, you will also receive from us the tools necessary for independent and critical thinking and for developing your creativity. These will serve you on your life’s journey and help you be a leader in facing the challenges of the 21st century.


A fascinating period lies ahead. Our main goals are your personal success and your future contribution to society.


Best of luck,

Prof. Rafi Melnick, President

Prof. Rafi Melnick, President