​Gideon Argov


​Gideon Argov, President and CEO of Entegris, is a man of great deeds. His many contributions to Israeli society reach across borders, from his place of residence in the United States.


The son of the late Shlomo Argov, Israeli diplomat and Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Gideon journeyed the world from his youngest days. As a tenth-generation native of the Land of Israel, Mr. Argov remained loyal to his homeland, serving as an officer in the IDF. After four years of military service, Mr. Argov went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics magna cum laude from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University.


Mr. Argov is a distinguished member of the board of the American Friends of Reichman University. Through his wisdom and generosity, he founded the Shlomo Argov Fellows Program. This program focuses on the learning of diplomacy by empowering students with the knowledge, the communication skills, the language and the tools necessary to represent the State of Israel and the Jewish people on any international stage. Inspired by the great legacy of its namesake, the Shlomo Argov Fellows Program introduces participants to diplomats, communications experts, government institutions and business leaders.


Mr. Argov has held senior management positions in leading international companies. He started his career as a consultant and director at Bain and Company, and went on to serve as CEO of High Voltage Engineering Corporation, as Chairman, President and CEO Kollmorgen Corporation, a supplier of high performance electronic motion control products, and as Managing Director of Parthenon Capital, a private equity partnership based in Boston.

Today, Mr. Argov is President and CEO of Entegris, a global supplier of products used in the production of high technology components and substrates. Mr. Argov is a trustee of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and serves as a director of Interline Brands, XRITE and Fundtech, which provides clearing solutions for financial institutions in Israel. In addition, he serves on the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Council of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, part of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


Gideon Argov is closely involved in many aspects of the Israeli experience, and is a strong supporter and promoter of education and social action in Israel.