Loralee West


Loralee West was born in 1942 in Ohio and raised in Florida. She studied at the University of Georgia and worked as a travel consultant. In 1968, her husband, Alfred P. West, founded SEI, a global investment management company and with Loralee’s help, established a deeply-rooted organizational culture that encourages work-life balance. Part of her contribution included initiating and hosting leadership trips for SEI employees for

twenty years.


Loralee has been a lifelong philanthropist for causes focusing on her love of family, friends and country. Her extensive philanthropic efforts have been felt around the world and made a difference in the lives of many.


In 2002, Loralee and Al started an accredited non-profit rehabilitation center specializing in the treatment of men with co-occurring mental illnesses. The genesis of WestBridge. org began after the West’s son was diagnosed with two major mental illnesses and they were unable to find appropriate care for him. Through the establishment of WestBridge, Loralee and Al have saved hundreds of lives, including their son’s.


Loralee serves as an Ambassador to Depaul USA and Depaul International. Depaul helps individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged around the world find dignity in their recovery and to work toward becoming more productive citizens for their country.

Loralee brings international awareness to Depaul’s projects, along with fund development for their continued success.

Loralee is chairman of the Founder’s Circle of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF), an organization devoted to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled current and retired US military personnel. PHWFF is led by volunteers in all 50 states to mentor veterans through fly fishing and other activities. She has hosted over 200 veterans at her ranch in Texas since 2008. Loralee believes her support of PHWFF is a way of saying thank you to the men and women who serve in the US military.


In 2016, The Navy SEAL Foundation formed an advisory board and Loralee was one of the first members asked to join. Her friendships and first-hand contact with many former and present Navy SEALS prompted her involvement to ensure that the Foundation supports family members of deceased, retired or active SEALS with the services that are offered.


Loralee was one of Reichman University’s first supporters of students from around the globe receiving an interdisciplinary education. She financed the establishment of the first labs at the School of Psychology, naming them after her mentors, Josef and Faye Soffen.


Her continued support for the School has enabled extensive private research on mental disorders. Her latest contribution is the Loralee West Laboratory for Brain Research and Human Development, within Reichman University’s Center for Developmental, Social, and Relationship Neuroscience, which was established in 2017.


Loralee’s contributions to Reichman University and her strong ties with its leadership, express the values that are dear to her heart: freedom, responsibility and a special love for the State

of Israel.


Alongside her many volunteer activities, Loralee finds time to visit her three children, six grandchildren, relatives and friends who are spread out around the world.


In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish People, Loralle West was named an Honorary Fellow of Reichman University in 2018​