Lynda and Stewart Resnick

Entrepreneurs Lynda and Stewart Resnick are the founders of The Wonderful Company, a privately held, Los Angeles-based company that is dedicated to harvesting health and happiness around the world. The company’s iconic brands include Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Seedless Lemons, POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, JUSTIN Wines, Landmark Wines, JNSQ Wines, and Teleflora.


Mrs. Resnick serves as vice chair and co-owner, while also overseeing worldwide marketing, product development, and philanthropy for The Wonderful Company. Mr. Resnick serves as its chairman and president. He sits on the Board of Trustees for Caltech, Bard College, and Conservation International.


With successful careers spanning over 50 years, Mrs. and Mr. Resnick have always balanced achievement in business with a dedication to philanthropy. They combine marketing savvy with financial and management acumen to pursue their shared passion for producing healthy products. Central to their approach is giving back to the communities in which their employees live and work through robust community development, health and wellness, and educational initiative, as well as extensive investments in sustainability research and technologies.


The Resnick’s have been dedicated supporters to Reichman University for over 10 years. Mr. Resnick sits on the American Friends of Reichman University Board and has been a major contributor of scholarships to the Raphael Recanati International School. Because of their generosity, hundreds of students have received financial assistance, enabling them to earn a first-class education in Israel.