Ron Izaki


Mr. Ron Izaki is one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in Israel. He has developed major projects both in Israel and abroad, and has been a true friend of Reichman University since its establishment.


Mr. Izaki was born in Rishon Letzion in 1958. His great-grandfather, Rabbi Ya'akov Izaki, was the Chief Rabbi of Dagestan in Caucasia for forty years; he encouraged his congregation to immigrate to Israel. In 1907 he founded the settlement of Be’er Yaakov, named after him. The Izaki family combined work in agriculture, orchards and wheat with real estate development.


Mr. Izaki studied civil engineering at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology as part of the IDF’s academic reserve program. In the military, he served in the intelligence unit 8200, where he headed the unit’s construction department and attained the rank of major in the reserves. Upon his release from the IDF, he went to work with his father, Mr. Ya'akov Izaki.


Under Ron Izaki’s management, Izaki Group Investments became a success story. The company is behind lucrative projects such Tzamarot Herzliya and Tzamarot Glil-Yam, the Dan Design Center in Bnei Brak and Herods Hotel in Herzliya, as well as projects in Rehovot, Be’er Yaakov and Kfar Yona. One of the Izaki Group’s principal projects is the "Lev Ha'Aretz" business park for logistics centers, established in partnership with the municipality of Kfar Qasim in order to enhance cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the State of Israel.


The company has also expanded into real estate ventures in the US and Europe, and owns residential buildings, offices and hotels in New York, Los Angeles, London, Warsaw and Bucharest. The group's activities have also included the acquisition and development of agricultural farms in Russia and investments in high-tech.


Ron Izaki is married to Dr. Yael Izaki, founder and CEO of Neta, a non-profit that aims to help women advance in the workforce. The couple has two sons and a daughter. Izaki contributes generously to hospitals, mental health institutions, universities, and other charitable causes.


The connection between Mr. Ron Izaki and Reichman University was forged shortly after its establishment, when Mr. Izaki renovated one of the barracks of the former military base and named it after his parents, Yona and Ya’akov. Mr. Izaki is a member of Reichmans University's Board of Directors, and over the years, Yael and Ron have donated scholarships, including those for female students who, alongside their studies, are involved in social causes.