Judy and Avi Tiomkin


Judy and Avi Tiomkin are Israeli philanthropists who have worked for many years towards the advancement of Israeli society and the Israeli economy. Avi Tiomkin holds a LLB in law and is a financial analyst and international hedge fund adviser. Judy Tiomkin holds a BA in arts history and worked as a home interior designer. The couple, who divide their time between the United States and Israel, first met when both were students at Tel Aviv University, and married in 1975. Since 2015, Tiomkin School of Economics at Reichman University has borne their name.


Avi Tiomkin was born in Tel Aviv and studied at Alef high school Tel Aviv. During his military service, he served as an officer in the Golani Brigade. Later he joined the family business and managed his father's electric appliances store. At the same time, he began investing in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and in companies he issued in Israel and the U.S. In 1986, he successfully led the first leveraged buyout in Israel.

Tiomkin devoted most of his time to the study of the global economy and markets with an emphasis on future trends. In 1988, he moved the center of his activities to New York, and since then managed finances and advised the world's leading hedge funds, with an accumulated value of $50 billion. In addition, for the past 20 years he has advised

prime ministers and finance ministers in Israel and worldwide. Among his economic predictions are Israel’s 1983 bank shares crisis; the rapid global recovery after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks; the 2008 financial crisis; the ongoing Eurozone crisis; and the political-economic events in Russia over the past two years. With his background of precise predictions and his proficiency in macro- conomics, as well as his many years of experience in finances, Tiomkin regularly writes for and is interviewed by leading Israeli and international media outlets.

Judy Tiomkin was born in Argentina to the Nissenson family of Buenos Aires – among the pillars of the Jewish community in the country. Her grandmother was the president of WIZO South America and her grandfather was the head of the Jewish community and greatly assisted the emigration of Jews from Russia to Argentina.

Judy made aliyah in 1955. She grew up in Ramat Hen and studied at Blich high school. During her military service, she served as bureau chief in the Dan Region Command. After completing her service she worked as a flight attendant for El Al. Judy is involved in numerous philanthropic activities, including a wide range of institutions.

Among these are: Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and organizations for abused women.​