Gender Equality

Reichman University consistently works to promote an equal, inclusive and safe educational and professional environment.

Reichman University consistently works to promote an equal, inclusive and safe educational and professional environment. Our goal is to provide an empowering academic setting in which each of us feels comfortable to participate fully and equally in university life; a safe community where there is no room for bias, harassment or violence of any sort, and where every member of our community is free to flourish; an environment in which gender equality is perceived and experienced as a fundamental right that defines our society. As part of this important mission, we collect information and provide assistance, services and resources for the benefit of all members of the Reichman University community.


We believe that gender diversity adds great value to education, creativity and excellence. However, in order to ensure gender equality, we must work at the crossroads between academia and society; that is, challenge the way in which knowledge, research, and practice are valued and work together via a wide range of mechanisms, perspectives, and approaches to promoting gender equality and fairness. We invest a great deal of resources in identifying and removing barriers (both internal and external) that affect the rate of women’s participation in the academic space in science and research, and their representation in every hierarchy, including senior leadership.


To ensure that gender equality is not an empty statement, but rather has real meaning and value, and due to the clear belief that gender equality is a significant part of Reichman University's mission, an adviser to the president of the university on gender equality has been appointed. Her duties include raising awareness of the issue, organizing information, advancing women's empowerment programs, and preparing an annual gender report on the university's activities.


The university also has two sexual harassment prevention officers, whose job includes, among other things, handling sexual harassment complaints in accordance with the provisions of the law, extensive dissemination of the sexual harassment prevention regulations to academic faculty and administrative staff, and conducting training sessions and distributing their lessons to employees.


Reichman University is working to fulfill its commitment to promoting balance, inclusion and gender equality at the university. Its Provost is a woman, as is the university’s CEO and Vice President, the VP of Marketing and Communications, the Dean of Students, the Dean of the School of Psychology, the Dean of the School of Communications, the Head of the Research Authority, and the majority of mid-level managers.


The university also conducts various activities designed to increase gender equality and balance among the student community. Some examples are curricula, projects and clubs on campus that promote the advancement and empowerment of women; program representatives and individual and group support for female students, conferences on the subject, cooperation with NGOs that deal with the advancement of women, officers in charge of preventing sexual harassment as stated above, and more. Although each of these functions vary in their essence, they all work together holistically and towards a common goal – the promotion of equal opportunity and gender diversity on campus.

Contact Details

Presidential advisor for Gender Equality

Prof. Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler

Sexual harassment prevention officer

Anat Wine

Sexual harassment prevention officer

Gal Borsuk

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