The Human Resources department deals with matters relating to the permanent academic faculty, outside academic staff and administrative staff

Areas of Responsibility

  • Managing the database of résumés, recruiting and staffing administrative positions
  • Managing the database of résumés for teaching positions and helping the senior academic faculty find suitable candidates for teaching assistant and research positions
  • Drawing up and following up employment contracts

  • Managing the personal files of the academic and administrative staffs
  • Helping with individual problems of staff members
    Organizing staff welfare activities
  • All other matters relating to the staff of Reichman University
  • Forms

    For the academic faculty and the administrative department

  • Instructions for entering the attendance system

Contact Us

Mailing Address

Human Resources Manager - Faculty

Orly Shaked

Human Resources Manager - Administration

Dafna Oliel

Human Resources Coordinator

Riva Toledano

Human Resources Coordinator

Orit Laizer

Human Resources Coordinator

Racheli Pais

Recruiting & Sourcing coordinator Administrative staff

Yulia Goldberg