Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, and Magic Johnson are just some of the many superstars who got their start playing university sports in the United States. At Reichman University as well, sports teams are a central part of student life and of the community. Over the years, Reichman University has attracted many outstanding athletes, including Arik Ze’evi, Eitan Orbach, Yael Arad, Ori Sasson, Sagi Muki, Shahar Zubari, Nili Block, Inbal Pezaro and many others.


Today, under the leadership of Coach Ilan Kowalski, Reichman University boasts 30 competitive teams in a variety of sports, with hundreds of male and female students taking part each year.


Reichman University strives to develop future leaders. Along with qualities such as academic excellence, Reichman University accepts candidates with proven leadership ability, expressed in virtues like perseverance, determination, maximum realization of personal capability, and contribution to the community.


"Like many other achievements, sports at Reichman University began as a student initiative and made incredible strides as a volunteer student effort. They are battling for the pennant and for this place."


-Prof. Reichman.