Established: 2013

Architect: Roy and Addar Secker – Skorka Architects


During the days when IDC campus was an army base, the hangar was used as a treatment shed for vehicles.
This building is of particular historical significance for IDC as in 1998, when the Council for Higher Education accredited IDC’s very first academic degree, all the students and faculty squeezed into the original hangar and performed the debut of IDC’s anthem.


In 2012, as more space was needed on campus, the idea came about to convert the hangar that was then used for storage, into a classroom building.



"It was easy to fall in love with the idea of converting the hangar to classrooms building. On the one hand, the building is fabulously located as you enter the campus, and on the other, the demand to leave the external contour untouched (including a solution for the electromechanical systems), posed a significant challenge.We decided to preserve and develop the industrial feel of the existing structure's facades by emphasizing the vertical concrete elements and developing an industrial language for the classrooms, using bare ceilings painted in black, dropped netting ceilings and other elements not commonly used at the IDC. The electromechanical systems were hidden in the gallery created by the section and concealed by steel louvers. The dramatic transformation from a semi-abandoned storage facility to a bustling classroom building was executed efficiently and with precision and it may seem as if the classroom building has always existed on campus."


- Roy and Addar Secker