The building was established on the site of former shacks, a remnant of the army base. These shacks were used by Reichman University as seminar rooms, an assignments room, the finance department, and the Student Union building. The shacks were vacated when construction of the Radzyner-Sustainability Building began.

Established: 2014

Architect: Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture


During construction Reichman University began planning the Academy of the Future and the future campus. Whereas the original plans of the building included sloping classrooms, it was decided while working that there was more need for straight floored, multi-purpose classrooms that can be used in different capacities according to future learning needs And the plans were re-designed.


"The building's design reflects our interest in several key topics: our commitment to green architecture, the desire to create clear and dynamic relationships between each building and its surroundings and a commitment to include meticulously defined functions harmoniously and efficiently."


- Gottesman-Szmelcman