Established: 1994
Architect: Roy and Addar Secker – Skorka Architects


The library building was the army base's kitchen and mess hall; when renovations began there were still fridges and pots in the building.
The mezuzah on the library building was affixed by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau in a ceremony attended by then-President, Ezer Weizman.
The architects in charge of designing the library won the 2005 Rechter Prize for Architecture for their design of the building.
The renovation of the building took place in three stages. First, the building was converted to a one-floor library. Then, a year or so later, the second floor was built on the south side of the building. In the third and final stage, beginning in 2000, the existing structure was renovated and an additional wing, donated by Marc Rich, was built on the north side.



"It was the environment – the main entrance with the lawn, the bountiful bougainvillea bush and the ivy-covered stucco wall – more than the architectural elements of the existing structure that focused the planning and led to the decision to add the new wing on the north side and preserve the current entrance as the future entrance to the expanded building.At the basis of the planning was the notion of coming up with a design that unites, rather than differentiates between the two wings and the entrance area. The design sought to create one modern building that comprises of two different wings; a design that conceals but at the same time reveals its varied structural elements. A design that makes use of the outer shell that creates the gaps. The solution was the creation of a new "substructure" that envelops the existing building and serves as a base for the new wing. The idea of using such a substructure, which in part is comprised of free-standing walls (like a [theater] set), was to enable flexibility of design needed in order to unite the varying geometrics and to create one structure that is in part a mass and in part a "screen" or "filter"."


- Roy and Addar Secker