About the Reichman University Alumni Association

The Reichman University Alumni Association was established in 1998 by the first graduates of the University, in collaboration with the University administration. The Alumni Association currently boasts approximately 34,000 alumni, with 1,800 new alumni joining the association annually.

The association forms a professional and social alumni community, which is based on mutual responsibility, a sense of belonging and pride. The association aims to develop and enrich the alumni, as well as, to strengthen the connection between alumni, as well as, the connection between alumni and IDC.

Our Goals:

  • Networking: building an alumni community that will connect between alumni, as well as, connect alumni to Reichman University.
  • Support of Reichman University activities: sharing with alumni information about activities at the Reichman University and encouraging them to be active participants, among other as moderators and partners.
  • Placement and Career: identifying jobs and making them accessible to alumni, providing employment related tools and personal consultation.
  • Social Activities: developing social responsibility and creating unique platforms for community and social activity.
  • Development and Enrichment: providing alumni current, up-to-date knowledge and professional tools in the fields taught at the Reichman University and in fields that can inspire and broaden their horizons.