Prof. Amir Rubin

Arison School of Business Ph.D. in Finance, The University of British Columbia


Areas of expertise

  • Five years as an economist with the Israeli Security Authority, regulating mutual funds and designing risk analysis tools, were good preparation for Prof. Amir Rubin’s switch to academic research and teaching. Prof. Rubin's research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, and sustainability.

    The areas to which Amir contributed to most can be divided into four strands: (i) firms’ informational environment, (ii) sustainable finance, (iii) skills in financial markets, (4) agency conflicts.
    Often, his research combines insights from various disciplines, which has proven to meaningfully contribute new perspectives on topics in finance and other areas. For example, his work on managerial compensation involves the use of knowledge from financial economics to address a highly topical question in the field of economics—namely the relationship between growth and income inequality.

    Notable contributions are published in the following top-tier outlets: Journal of Business Ethics (JBE), Journal of Accounting and Economics (JAE), Journal of Financial Economics (JFE), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA), Journal of Political Economy (JPE), Management Science (MS), and Review of Finance (ROF).

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