Dr. Akiva Shtranberg

Arison School of Business

Areas of expertise

  • Dr. Akiva Sternberg was, until recently, the Senior Deputy General Manager and Chief Internal Auditor at Union Bank of Israel (UBI). Dr. Sternberg has held a number of positions at UBI, including Chief Risk Officer, Head of the Asset Management Division, Head of the Finance and International Banking Division, Deputy Head of the Capital Markets Division, Chief Economist, Head of Strategic Planning and Head of Management Information Systems.

    Dr. Sternberg’s major contributions during his tenure at Union Bank of Israel include:

    - Cultivation and management of global relationships with banks and financial institutions.
    - Establishment and implementation of a risk based internal audit program.
    - Formulation of the Bank's Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Program (ICAAP) following the implementation of Basel II.
    - Development and implementation of credit risk, liquidity risk market risk and operational risk models.
    - Management of consistently profitable trading in local and international markets.
    - Creation and development of UBI's structured product business.
    - Establishment of long term planning processes.
    - Creation of an integrative Executive Information System.
    - Development of macro-economic forecasting models.

    Dr. Sternberg teaches at the IDC (Herzliya, Israel). In recent years his courses in banking and risk management, both in the local and international programs, have focused on the disruption of the banking industry and the influence of FINTECH on the future of banking

    In the past, Dr. Sternberg was a macro-economist in the Israeli military establishment, responsible for forecasting GDP growth and inflation and long term planning of the IDF military budget. Dr. Sternberg holds the rank of Major (res.) in the Israeli army.

    Dr. Sternberg also studies the history of halacha and has published three books on the subject.

    Dr. Sternberg was born in Boston (U.S.A.) in 1961 and immigrated to Israel in 1981. He was educated at the Johns Hopkins University (B.A. Economics 1981), Boston University/Ben Gurion University (MSM 1994) and Bar Ilan University (PhD Business Administration 2002). Dr. Sternberg’s PhD thesis dealt with the influence of corporate culture on information technology utilization.

    Dr. Sternberg currently resides in Rehovot and Zfat (Israel) with his wife and has four children and nine grandchildren.

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