Prof. Danny Hamiel

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Prof. Danny Hamiel earned his PhD in the subject of personality in the model Rav Kook from the Hebrew University. Is head of the Cognitive-Behavioral unit, Tel-Aviv Community Mental Health Center- Tel-Aviv University Medical School and the director of the school intervention unit of the Donald J. Cohen and Irving B. Harris Center for Trauma and Disaster Intervention. This center was chosen by the Israeli government to disseminate a model of Disaster Preparedness and Civic Resilience in cities at risk for mass disaster by coordinating multi-systemic networks (e.g., Health, Education, Social Services) and developing programs to prepare children to cope with trauma as well as with daily stressors.

    He is a supervisor clinical and medical psychologist, certified in biofeedback and in hypnosis in Israel and in the USA. His main psychotherapy approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mainly the third wave of CBT including mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), psycho-physiology approach, and meta-cognitive therapy. He is past president of the Israeli Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Prof. Hamiel is faculty member of the European Association of Biofeedback and the Israeli CBT association. He teaches CBT workshops in the USA, Europe and South America. Currently, Prof. Hamiel is involved in developing and performing resilience programs in the community: In the primary care and in schools. He is a leading figure in the developing of a new stream in CBT – The low intensity CBT interventions (LICBT-I) – short psychological interventions done by moderators to make evidence based simple psychological interventions more available for the community. He is a pioneer in developing internet protocols for treating variety of psychological disorders.

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