Dr. Efrat Salton Meyer

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology

Areas of expertise

  • Dr Salton Meyer is a psychologist and organizational consultant, her Ph.D is from the school of Management at the Ben Gurion University, she is an expert in the international Gestalt approach to organizational consulting. She has extensive academic experience, is a lecturer at the School of Psychology and the MA program in Behavioral Economics at the Reichman University in Israel.
    Her research interests are in leadership, power, gender and ethical climate in organizations as well as rational thinking.
    Dr. Salton Meyer's specializes in leading collaborations between academia & organizations focused on conducting studies, international webinars, professional student training and applying change.
    As an organizational consultant Dr. Salton Meyer's specializes among others on promoting gender equality in science & technology, effective leadership, teamwork, organizations' success & ethical conduct. In over 20 years of experience she has worked with organizations in multiple sectors such as hi-tech, bio-tech, research, finance, energy, healthcare, government and more. Her consulting to individuals focuses on their work and careers.