Dr. Eran Sheriff

Arison School of Business

Head of Business and Data Analytics Program

Areas of expertise

  • Dr. Sheriff received his PhD in physics from the National Center for Magnetic Measurements (@ Bar-Ilan University). His research dealt with the electromagnetic properties of superconductors. Dr. Sheriff’s academic background also includes undergraduate degrees in physics and computer science, and an MBA in finance.

    During his MBA studies, Dr. Sheriff became increasingly interested in financial market analytics. Consequently, after completing his studies, he went to work for Wall Street as a quantitative analyst (quant). Dr. Sheriff’s research during that time focused primarily on structured convertible instruments. He later, became an R&D team leader and eventually the head of Bloomberg's Quantitative Finance R&D.

    Following his desire to pursue other interests, Dr. Sheriff left Bloomberg in favor of consulting, trading, several startups (in the areas of finance, technology, and education), and healthcare financial management (in one of the US territories).