• Dr. Jimmy Levy is the Managing Partner of Al Bawader, the first investment fund focused on the Arab private sector in Israel. Al Bawader was founded in partnership with Pitango Venture Partners with the vision of serving as a catalyst for the economic development of the Arab community in Israel.
    Jimmy is also the founder of Galil Software, the leading software R&D service provider for Israel’s high tech sector. The company is headquartered in Nazareth and employs some 200 engineers.
    Jimmy previously served as VP Mobile Internet and VP Legal at Comverse Ltd. (1995 and 2006).
    Jimmy was the co-recipient of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Prize for Initiatives and Innovations, and the co-recipient of Israel Management Center’s CEO of the Year Award in the category of “Business Breakthrough”.
    Jimmy earned his BA from McGill University, his LLB from Osgoode Hall, his PhD from Clark University, and his MBA from the Tel Aviv International School of Management.