Dr. Noam Gressel

School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp. ICL

Areas of expertise

  • Noam’s entrepreneurial and investment career has focused on creating business value with environmental values.

    Following positions with nonprofits, as Director of Science at Israel Union for Environmental Defense and CEO of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Noam founded Assif-Strategies in 2001. The firm provides cutting-edge environmental strategy, management & accounting services to corporations from a broad range of market sectors while also serving as a launchpad for energy, food, cleantech and green businesses. Among these, Noam co-founded three businesses: Elysium Carbon – a developer of greenhouse gas offset projects (2005), TransAlgae – an agricultural biotechnology firm developing algae-based products (2007) and ECO-OS (2015) - an online operating system for corporate sustainability programs.
    Noam also served as a Venture Partner with Greylock Partners Israel (currently named 83North), a prominent venture capital firm, to focus on investments in innovative cleantech companies, including Panoramic Power (acquired by Centrica, 2016) and EnStorage.

    Currently he serves on the Board of Directors DouxMatok - a food-tech company and on various boards and advisory panels of early-stage companies and non-profit organizations.

    Noam earned his Ph.D. at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California at Berkeley and a B.Sc. Cum Laude in Soil & Water Sciences from the Hebrew University.
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