Dr. Ori Goldberg

Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy

  • Dr. Ori Goldberg is an expert on the study of modern Iran and Shi'i revolutionary movements.
    Dr. Goldberg has published four books on the subject. Two of the books were published by Cambridge University Press.
    Over the last several years, Dr. Goldberg has begun a broad, comparative study of the relationship between faith and political behavior in the Middle East and the world. Dr. Goldberg is currently writing a book on expressions of non-religious faith (not faith in God) all over the world and the tension between faith's foundational social role and public (as well as private) awareness to faith's influence. Doctor Goldberg regularly publishes opinion columns on many Israeli news sites (From Israel National News to Haaretz) and is regularly interviewed by Israeli and international television stations on issues of regional security and politics. Dr. Goldberg has lectured and spoken in a broad variety of academic institutions, from Tsinghua University in Beijing to the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Goldberg seves as a regular consultant to Israel's government and defense establishment, including organizations such as the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the IDF.