Prof. Oren Zuckerman

Sammy Ofer School of Communications Ph.D., MIT

Head of HCI MA program, Director of miLAB

  • Prof. Oren Zuckerman joined Reichman University's school of communications in 2007, immediately after completing his PhD at MIT Media Lab. During the past three years, Prof. Zuckerman founded Reichman University's Media Innovation Lab, developed the Interactive Communication program in the school's BA program, and received several research grants in the field of Human Computer Interaction, Media Innovation, and Social Media.

    Zuckerman's research areas are at the cross section of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and CMC (Computer Mediated Communication), including research topics such as participation patterns in online & mobile communities, engagement in location-based media, and Human-Centered Computing.
    At MIT Media Lab, Zuckerman completed his Masters and PhD in the field of tangible interfaces for learning. Prior to MIT (1999-2001), Zuckerman was the co-founder of an Internet startup that created a "decentralized blogging community" on top of the Web. On 2001, the World Economic Forum recognized Zuckerman as a "Technology Pioneer" at the annual forum in Davos, Switzerland. Zuckerman is a program committee member of ACM's TEI 2010 and IDC 2010 conferences, and reviews regularly for the "Communications of the ACM" journal and the CHI conference.