Mr. Ofir Richman

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship

Head of IDC HUB and International programs

  • Lecturer, academic and organizational entrepreneur, Strategy, Content and Marketing Professional. Senior Social and Public Marketing Advisor to the Israeli ministry of Health. Led the re-branding and marketing communications of Israel's National Program for Healthy Living, initiating joint ventures of governmental branches and NGOs. Former Faculty at University of Haifa Communication department, Head of Television of the Israeli Regulative Branch for commercial broadcasters, Executive Producer of political and financial TV news broadcasts. Developed and headed the strategy and production of several marketing and advertising campaigns for startups, think-tanks and non-profits. In addition, Mr. Richman teaches high ranking officers and officials from Israel and NATO armies at the National Defense College of the IDF.
    Teaches at the Israeli and International tracks, Head of ASE Hub and International programs.