Dr. Revital Hollander

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship

Head of double major in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship

  • Dr. Revital Hollander is engaged in music, technology, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community.
    She holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University. Her dissertation in on Broadcasting in Computer Networks. She obtained her B.Sc. (Cum-Laude) in Mathematics and Computer Science and M.Sc. in Computer Science (Cum-Laude), from Tel-Aviv University. she also graduated RIMON School of Music in Composition.
    In the academy, Revital developed and taught courses and formats on programming, algorithms, math, music, music-technology, Agile programming, mobile applications, entrepreneurship, and multidisciplinary courses that merge between art, science, and engineering. She served as Head of Mobile Systems and Music-Technology specializations and as CTO at the Innovation Center for Smart Solutions.
    In the Hi-Tech industry, she served as a developer, team-leader, entrepreneur, consultant for startups and companies and a member in advisory boards at Rimon School of Music and HFMT-Hamburg. In 2015, Revital founded TMT-Tel-Aviv-Yafo Music Technology community. She organized dozens of meetups, workshops, international music-art-tech hackathons, and activities that connect the local and international music-tech communities and bridge between artist, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

    Revital teaches at IDC Computational Thinking and Programming and Entrepreneurship in Music at Adelson School of Computer Science, and Computer Music at Efi-Arazi School of Computer Science.

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