Prof. Yoram Shachar

Harry Radzyner Law School D.Phil., Oxford University

  • Prof. Yoram Shachar, D. Phil, Oxford University, 1976
    Prof. Yoram Shachar is a Full Professor at Radzyner School of Law. He served as the school's first Dean. Before joining the IDC faculty in 1995, Prof. Yoram Shachar was a Professor in Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was J.R. Fellow at St. John`s College, Oxford, and held visiting positions at the University of Michigan, Boston University and the University of Southern California. Prof. Shachar was also a Resarch Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Public and International Law in Germany and a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prof. Shachar`s areas of research are legal systems, legal history and criminal law. His present research focuses on decision making of the Israeli Supreme Court, using a quantitative analysis and database techniques.
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