Prof. Dan Zakay

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology; Tiomkin School of Economics Ph.D., Tel Aviv University

Former Dean

  • Completed master degrees in cognitive and in clinical psychology ( both degrees with distinction from Tel-Aviv University, in 1972 and 1982 , respectively.

    Complete a Ph.D Thesis ( Summa Cum Laude) in cognitive psychology, from Tel-Aviv university (1978).

    Zakay Was awarded a British Council Scholarship and completed post-doctoral studies in the decision-analysis unit at Brunel University.

    He served as an invited professor in institutes like:

    Dept. of Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana.

    Dept. of Marketing. M.I.T. Boston

    C.N.R.S. Dept. of neuroscience. Paris.

    Dept. of Computational intelligence. Tokyo Institute of Technology.

    Dept. of Psychology. UCL. London.

    Institute for Medical Psychology. School of Medicine. Munich University.

    He served as a professor at the department of psychology, Tel-Aviv University (1978-2007), and was nominated as a full professor .

    Zakay served as the chair of the Israeli Association of Organizational Development (1992-1995), The chair of the department of psychology, Tel-Aviv University (1996-1999), the chair of the instruction committee, faculty of Social Sciences, Tel-Aviv University (2002-2007), and as the chair of the Israeli Psychological Association (2005-2009).

    Zakay published more than 100 scientific publications and presented his research in many Israeli and International conferences. His research was cited by other researchers with more than 2,000 citations.

    Zakay was awarded several research grants by institutes like: Tel-Aviv University, Israel Academy of Sciences , The Israel-USA Bi -National Fund, Adams Brain Center. The Stenminz Institute for Peace Studies, The lafer Institute-Hebrew University, USA Army Research Institute (ARI), and others.

    Zakay served as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making and is currently a member of the editorial board of the journal: Experimental Psychology.

    Zakay is a member of international societies like: APS; EADM; JDM; ISP.

    He is serving as an Ad-Hock reviewer for journals and funds like:ISF;BSF;GIF; Psychological Review, JEP:HPP; Attention, Perception & Psychophysics; Memory & Cognition; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology; Acta Psychologica; Ergonomics, Journal of Marketing, and others.

    Currently Zakay is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Tel-Aviv University and Professor in the New School of Psychology, IDC. Herzeliya, Israel.

    His research domains are: Psychological time, Cognitive and Meta-Cognitive judgments, Decision making and Conflict resolution processes.