Dr. Yonat Zwebner

Arison School of Business


Areas of expertise

  • Yonat Zwebner is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Arison School of Business, at the Reichman University. Prior to joining the University, she was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    Her research examines social influences, consumers' sense of Autonomy, environmental and prosocial behavior, and Faces & Names. In one stream of her research, she explores how consumers are averse to being observed while making a decision, and how such an observation threatens one’s sense of autonomy and free will. In addition, she examines how exposing a reason for a prosocial decision, influences that decision. In a second stream of her research, she investigates how a social tag, our given name, is so influential such that it influences the way we look. Her research has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the Journal of Consumer Research, and the Journal of Marketing Research. Yonat’s research has won several awards, including finalist for the 2017 SESP best dissertation award and has received massive media attention, including the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review.
    Yonat Zwebner teaches Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior. She completed her Master Thesis in Marketing at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, her MBA at the IDC, and her LLB at the University of Tel-Aviv
  • Kim Nicole, Yonat Zwebner, Alixandra Barasch, and Rom Y. Schrift, (2022), "You Must Have a Preference: The Impact of No Preference Communication on Joint Decision Making". Journal of Marketing Research00222437221107593.


    Zwebner Yonat, and Rom Y. Schrift (2020), "On My Own: The Aversion to Being Observed During the Preference-Construction Stage”, Journal of Consumer Research, 47(4), 475-499.

    Selected media interviews and mentions: The Wall Street Journal, Behavioraleconomics.com 

    Wertenbroch, K., Schrift, R. Y., Alba, J. W., Barasch, A., Bhattacharjee, A., Giesler, M., ... & Zwebner, Y. (2020). Autonomy in consumer choice. Marketing Letters, 31(4), 429-439.


    Zwebner, Y., Sellier, A. L., Rosenfeld, N., Goldenberg, J., & Mayo, R. (2017). We look like our names: The manifestation of name stereotypes in facial appearance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 112(4), 527


    Selected media: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of London, The New York Times, Fox News 

    Zwebner Yonat, Lee Leonard, and Goldenberg Jacob (2014), “The Temperature Premium: Warmer Temperatures Increase Product Valuations,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24(2) 251-259.

    Selected media interviews and mentions: HBR Newsletter, Salon, Pacific Standard 
    This paper was chosen to be the “StatWatch” item in the May 2014 issue of Harvard Business Review

    Working papers


    Zwebner Yonat and Rom Y. Schrift, “The Pain of Choice: Explicit vs. Implicit Choice and Its Impact on Subjective Experience of Difficulty,” Manuscript in Preparation

    Segal, Shoshana, Zwebner Yonat, and Barasch Alixandra. "I’M Not Too Generous: the Implications of a Novel Moderator of the Better-Than-Average Effect." Manuscript in Preparation


    Goor Dafna and Zwebner Yonat, "Effortlessly green: when and why effort impacts environmentally friendly consumption." Manuscript in Preparation


    Jochen Hartmann, Verena Schönmüller, Yonat Zwebner, Jacob Goldenberg, and Oded Netzer: 
    “We Look Like What We Like: Predicting Brand Followership from Profile Pictures”. Manuscript in Preparation


    Zwebner Yonat, Robert Mislavsky, and Deborah Small, “Justified Selfishness: Explaining Donation Decisions Reduces Donations.” Manuscript in Preparation

    Srna Shalena and Yonat Zwebner, "The Downside of being “Good”: People are less forgiving of nonprofits than for-profits after transgressing". Manuscript in Preparation


    Zwebner Yonat, Jacob Goldenberg, and Ruth Mayo, “Would You Trust Me? The Social Impact of Face-Name Congruency,” Data collection in progress