Prof. Zohar Yakhini

Efi Arazi School of Computer Science

Head of Machine Learning and Data Science Program

Areas of expertise

  • Prof' Yakhini’s research focuses on the applications of statistics and data science in molecular biology. He pioneered the bioinformatics practice at Agilent Laboratories in 1997 and in following years recruited, trained and worked with top scientists and students at Agilent and at the Technion, leading to significant commercial and scientific achievements.
    Prof' Yakhini is a faculty member in computer science at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya and visiting faculty member at the computer science department at the Technion in Haifa. He leads an active bioinformatics research group with students in both institutes. He has been Master Scientist at Agilent Laboratories until April 2016 and is currently active in industry consulting and SAB roles.
    At Agilent Prof' Yakhini developed data analysis methods for Agilent’s early generation microarrays and later for Agilent’s commercially successful array CGH technology. His data analysis methods work, focused on molecular measurement, led to more Agilent products, as well as to significant scientific studies and publications. In recent years Prof' Yakhini worked on design and data analysis to enable the efficient and effective use of synthetic DNA and on other aspects of synthetic biology. Work from Prof' Yakhini’s academic research group includes the development of statistical methods to analyze ranked lists as employed, for example, in the popular analysis tool GOrilla. The group also participated in several successful collaborations, applying advanced data analysis approaches in the context of advanced molecular biology studies.
    Prof' Yakhini holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Stanford University and a BSc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is the inventor of 12 issued US patents and has a publication h-index of 40.