Reichman University equips students and faculty to apply their knowledge and diverse skills and experiences to lead lives committed to responsible global citizenship. We are a vibrant institution.

Going Global

We live in a global society that demands both an understanding of and an ability to work with people from a variety of cultures and societies. Through its global engagement strategy, Reichman University facilitates international diversity, fosters global understanding and awareness, and enhances internationalization efforts within the Reichman University community through many activities.

This website brings under one roof the many academic and administrative internationalization efforts of Reichman University. We ensure overlap among programs. We are committed to helping our students and faculty make a difference in the world.

Our Goals

  • Preparing students for national and global leadership positions
  • Strengthening scholarly endeavors in teaching and research
  • Attracting talented students and scholars from across the globe
  • Positioning us as an international university of prominence
  • Reinforcing a curriculum that breeds cultural integration