Since its inception, Reichman University has aspired to be a unique voice in Israeli academia, while remaining an integral part of it: an institution that excels in teaching and research, enriching and advancing higher education in Israel, while cultivating the future leadership of society and contributing to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.


“The State of Israel is the largest exporter of academics to the United States relative to its population, or in other words, a world leader in brain drain. Over the years, various steps have been taken to try to stop this phenomenon.

According to OECD data, as of 2020, Israel is ranked 17th out of 37 countries in terms of emigrants with higher education, and the rate of highly educated Israeli emigrants in OECD countries is 6.9%.”
(From “Israelis with Academic Education Abroad and Steps Taken to Return Them to Israel,” Eliran Zered, June 2020).

About the Project

Reichman University offers a creative solution to the problem by strengthening these researchers’ ties with the Israeli academy and creating a support system for them - inviting them to act as lecturers for intensive courses, engaging in joint research with them, hosting them for a sabbatical year, and more.

All parties will gain from this, and the State of Israel will benefit from closer ties with its leading scientists and their integration into Israeli academia.

Reichman University Offers:

International and Zionist University

Joint Research

Hosting on sabbatical year

Act as lecturers for intensive courses

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