The program is intended for students who have successfully completed at least 2 semesters at Reichman University.
Necessary conditions to apply to the program include:

  • Good academic and judicial standing, with no previous disciplinary problems at Reichman University.
  • Excellent English skills, in speaking, reading and writing.
  • Grade point average of 80 and above. Higher GPA awards an advantage.
  • Submit a completed IDC Student Exchange Application by the appropriate deadline.
  • Psychology and Communication students, may only study abroad in their 7th semester (fall semester of the “fourth year”). This means that you can only participate after you have completed three years of studies.



The semester abroad will replace the academic semester at IDC. Many institutions abroad start their Fall semester in the beginning of September and it lasts through the end of December.
Note that this overlaps the end of the summer break at IDC, and leaves some time between the end of the semester abroad and the beginning of the second semester at Reichman University.





Reichman University students accepted to the exchange program, must verify, courses at the host institution coincide with their Reichman University study plan.

The list of courses/study plan you have chosen for your semester abroad, is subject to final approval by your academic coordinator and academic advisor.

Please find attached Reichman University Learning agreement RRIS & Israeli.





Reichman University students will continue to pay regular tuition at Reichman University. Tuition payment at the host institution is waived for Reichman University exchange Students.
You may be required to pay an additional administrative or “study abroad” fee to the university you visit.
Note, Psychology and Communications Students who choose to go for the extra semester abroad (“fourth year” fall semester) will not be required to pay tuition.


Fafsa Aid:


Students who wish to borrow FAFSA loans during their degree CANNOT be an exchange student at all in an institution located in the USA, whether for a semester or a year.

  • If the student wants to borrow FAFSA loans during his/her degree and be an exchange student for one semester or a year, s/he may only be a student in another foreign institution located outside of the USA, if that institution is also Title IV (FAFSA) eligible.
  • Please contact Joanna at jsimon@idc.ac.il to verify the list of FAFSA approved universities where students can spend a semester or a year as IDC exchange students.

Reichman University graduate or undergraduate programs that allow a student to study in the U.S. or to have an internship/externship outside of Reichman University for any period of time during their degree is not eligible for Title IV aid (FAFSA LOANS).

For more information click here & here





Reichman University students will get some information and help in finding proper housing, but exchange students will be responsible for their own housing arrangements.


Financial Responsibility:


Exchange students will be responsible for their own expenses including travel, accommodations, health insurance and all other expenses.



Other Fees:


Students are responsible for medical and travel insurance, as well as the cost of travel, visa, housing, books, food, and all other misc. costs while abroad.
















Credit Conversion:



Please advise with your academic coordinator regarding your credits conversion in case
you are not studying in a European country.

The credit conversion for MA courses is equal to the credit conversion for BA courses.