"The Pafos Innovation Institute is a catalyst for the groundbreaking exchange of knowledge between people who have never met but who together, given the right opportunity, will be able to advance and implement ideas that can change the current reality. Our ambition is to attract talented individuals from all of the countries in the region and give them the tools to become leading entrepreneurs who will contribute to their communities and to the region as a whole."

Reichman University is proud to launch the Pafos Innovation Institute in cooperation with the Municipality of Pafos, Cyprus. On an innovative campus built in the Cypriot city, some of the world’s best lecturers and researchers will come together in a learning environment that will turn the Mediterranean region into an oasis of innovation and creativity. The Pafos Innovation Institute is the brainchild of Prof. Uriel Reichman, who joined forces with Pafos Mayor Phedon Phedonos with the aim of bringing together graduates from universities across the region to continue their studies in master’s degree programs and produce research, action, and collaborations to meet the significant challenges affecting the lives and futures of all of the countries in the eastern Mediterranean. These challenges lie in the areas of water, agriculture, security, food, energy and leadership. This ambitious initiative has received the blessings of both the President of the State of Israel and the President of Cyprus. The Pafos Innovation Institute has been recognized as an official academic institution by the body responsible for higher education in Cyprus, and will grant European graduate degrees. The first academic year will begin in September 2021, during which MBA studies with a specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship will be offered, as well as a master's degree in water resources management.

The Pafos Innovation Institute offers programs that address the challenges common to the peoples of the region:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Water Security

Energy and Natural Resources

Food Security

Machine Learning and Data Science

Human-Computer Interaction

Why Pafos?


The geographical triangle that covers the eastern Mediterranean Basin, from Athens to Alexandria to Jerusalem, is the cradle of Western culture; it is from this region that social, scientific and spiritual innovations were disseminated throughout the world. Democracy was born in Athens, in Alexandria the foundation was laid for the management of human knowledge, and it was Jerusalem that presented the monotheistic faiths to the world.



This new initiative aims to revive the intellectual and entrepreneurial cooperation among the citizens of the region, with the goal of fostering collaboration and generating solutions to the significant challenges that have an impact on the lives and futures of all countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond.