The Richman University Library serves all students and academic staff and is central to teaching and academic studies at University. The Library's collection development policy is suited to the academic programs and research projects of the academic staff. The collections are updated regularly and offer a wide range of resources in various formats.

  • Director's Welcome

    The library has a dedicated team of librarians and information specialists ready to assist you in finding high quality academic materials for your use.

  • Library Staff

    Library staff are here to help you develop the knowledge and acumen for your academic studies. Reichman University Library– Your Peace of Mind

  • Library Policies

    All library patrons are requested to be respectful of the rights of students and staff when using the library services.

  • Exhibitions

    During the academic year the Reichman University Library houses a variety of exhibitions. Artists that are interested in exhibiting their works in the library are invited to contact us.