Using the Library

Reference Services

The Library has information specialists to assist you in all your reference queries.
The reference service includes:

  • Tutorials for individuals and groups on the library databases are held throughout the year.
  • Assistance in retrieving information for seminar papers and assignments and a consultation on conducting in-depth searchers and guidnace on databases.


Photocopying, Printing and Scanning Services


  • The photocopying room located in the library is open from the time the library opens until 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Photocopying machines, printers, a scanner, and binding services are available in the photocopying room. In order to use this equipment, patrons must have either a credit card or a photocopying card, which can be bought on the premises.
  • Technical assistance in using the equipment in the photocopying room also is available to students.


Cloud Printing:

Print from anywhere - As simple as sending an email!
Printing can be performed outside Reichman University through the Internet and in the university using the wireless network, from any system (Windows, Mac OS, UNIX / Linux, iOS, Android) and from any device type (PC, MAC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet).

Printing is done by sending an email in various attachments formats - Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and graphics files Such as - jpeg, png and tif.
The print jobs can be released at each public printing stations (located in Library, Teaching laboratories and central locations in the campus).

Printing Instructions:


  1. Create an Email to one of the following email destination address : - black & white, one-side printing. – color, one-side printing. – black & white both sides printing. - color both sides printing.
  2. At the Subject line add your phone number only, for example "0541234567" this is to identify your print at the public printing stations.
    Phone number is used solely for identifying your printing and is not stored in the system.
  3. Add the attachment.
  4. Perform email sending. 
  5. Access the public printing station and follow instructions to release the print.

  • If you sent multiple documents, you can choose what to print from the list.
  • Please note, only attachments will be printed.
  • We recommend sending PDF files, especially from non-Microsoft environments.
  • Unprinted documents will be saved in the system for 24 hours.

Study  zones in the library

The library is divided into study areas – some used for discussion whilst others for quiet and absolute quiet study. The discussion area is located to the left as you enter the main entrance of the library.

Keep voices lowered in areas designated as not absolute quiet zones; behave politely and respect the public areas.

The second floor of the library is an absolute quiet zone. Maintain silence at all times to allow for productive study.













A closed circuit television is located in the library for the use of students with disabilities so that they can enlarge and highlight printed material and also hear the text that is shown on the screen via a program to convert scanned text to word and an enlarging program.