The Research Authority’s pre-award department

The pre-award department assists researchers in finding calls for research proposals by funders offering competitive grants, and in submitting documents in accordance with the terms of the funding body.

​Assistance in finding calls for the submission of research proposals is carried in two main, interconnected ways:


  • Proactively, by disseminating the information to researchers via email, as well as in personal meetings in which an annual submission plan is offered to the researcher that is tailored to their needs, and allows for them to plan ahead for the rest of the academic year and incorporate their proposals into their work.

To arrange a personal meeting, please contact the department by email.


  • Interactively, by using the Spin platform where the researcher can find the calls for proposals that are relevant to them, and then contact the department for information and assistance regarding the next steps to submitting a proposal successfully.


After finding the call for proposals:


  • Before doing anything, it is important that researchers read the guidelines set out by the funding body and ensure that they meet the criteria for eligibility (for example, age restrictions or seniority, collaboration with researchers from a particular country, etc.) as well as the institutional eligibility criteria. If they do, the researcher should fill out the relevant scientific, budgetary and ethical forms, with the help of the department.


  • Submission of forms: For most foundations, the submission is carried out via an interactive form on their website. In some cases, the Research Authority will be asked to approve the opening of the researcher's account in order for it become active. We recommend creating a username as early as possible, as well as reading through all of the text of all of the pages of the interactive form, in order to be aware of the requirements and the accompanying documents that will need to be uploaded.

In some cases, the department will email internal submission guides containing important points and tips to anyone who has registered for submission or has notified the department of their intention to submit.



  • Most foundations require a solid and detailed budgetary outline at the submission stage. A proposal whose budgetary details have not been approved by the Research Authority will not be able to be approved for submission.




Some studies require the addressing of ethical issues.

Reichman University has ethics committees at each school, as well as an institutional ethics committee headed by the provost.


Information regarding the institution's ethics procedures as well as the designated form for submission to the university’s ethics committee will be available on the forms page.