The Research Authority is an administrative unit at Reichman University that aims to encourage and advance research at the institute and provide assistance to faculty members.
The Authority handles the administrative side of all research conducted at Reichman University.

Key functions:



  • ​Collecting information on foundations that support research in Israel and abroad and disseminating it to researchers.
  • Helping researchers submit proposals to foundations in
  • Israel and abroad.
  • Handling communications with regards to contracts with research foundations, institutions and companies, including negotiation of the agreement.
  • Opening research budgets for research whose funding comes from external sources in Israel and abroad, donations, and more.
  • Managing research budgets, including supervision of the utilization of the budget, in accordance with RU's regulations and those of the research foundations.
  • Preparing financial reports for the foundations in coordination with the researchers.
  • Supervising scientific reports submitted by researchers to the foundations by the required dates.
  • Submitting reports on research activities at RU for internal officials and external stakeholders (the CHE, donors, foundations).
  • Representing Reichman University in Israel and abroad to promote research at the institute (research foundations, authorities, research partners).