Submission Process and Forms

Researchers who have located a call for a research grant in their field and have confirmed their eligibility to apply (both with regards to the fund’s criteria and with regards to Reichman University’s) can begin to fill out the application forms. The Research Authority staff will be available to assist with this.

We recommend that you start writing the proposal at least a month before the final submission date, and in cases where a lot of work is required, several months before that date.


Most funds require the filling out of an application form on their website that includes a scientific and a budgetary section.

An application with a budget that has not been approved by Research Authority will not be approved.


In some cases, an internal submission date is set a few days before the date set by the fund, so that the department has time to review the proposal and ensure that it complies with the fund's administrative rules (size and font, number of pages, etc.), to prevent disqualification.


If the application is ready with enough time before the final submission date given by the fund, the Research Authority staff will also be able to read the scientific section and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Sometimes, depending on the fund and the nature of the research, the ethical approval of the institutional ethics committee will also be required.