Funding Opportunities

Reichman University's researchers may submit proposals for research grants to a wide variety of foundations in Israel and around the world, in all the areas of research that exist on campus, as researchers leading independent research and/or as part of a consortium.

In order to make the many options available easily accessible, we recommend arranging a personal meeting with the department once a year, during which we will prepare a customized annual plan, organized chronologically according to the various funds’ submission dates.


You can also use the Spin platform – a database you can use to search for research grants according to criteria such as field of research, submission date, and grant amount. Access to the platform is via a personal password, and alerts can be sent by e-mail if the researcher so chooses.


Upcoming funding opportunities, arranged chronologically by submission date:


Foundation ​Scientific field ​Subject ​Foundation guidelines ​Submission date
Lion Family Foundation ​Psychology ​Strengthening classroom educators ​14/02/2021
​MOE ​Sustainability ERA-NET Smart Energy Systems ​17/02/2021
Volkswagen ​Sustainability, Economics, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Communications ​Lower Saxony - Israel ​18/02/2021
​GIF ​Sustainability ​Young Investigator Guidelines ​01/03/2021
​MOST ​Israel Taiwan 2022 ​05/04/2021
​MOST ​Israel France Maimonides 2022 ​22/04/2021