Funding bodies’ forms and guidelines

As an institution of higher education, one of Reichman University’s main goals is to promote research. In order to facilitate advanced research at the highest level, Reichman University supports the research community and helps its members raise funds from sources such as scientific foundations and government and private institutions in Israel and around the world. These funds are managed by the Research Authority, which is an integral part of Reichman University's administrative structure.

​For most research grants imparted by external funding bodies, Reichman University is required to provide financial reports periodically throughout the grant period. These reports detail how the grant funds have been used by itemizing the expenses incurred in the research budget. These reports are produced by the Research Authority in close collaboration with the researcher and their team.



Funding bodies often also require a scientific report – sometimes periodically throughout the research period, and sometimes only at the end of it. The report describes the research being done and the scientific products generated in the framework of the grant.

The researchers are responsible for writing these reports, but the Research Authority oversees the process.



Some funds provide designated forms and guidelines for producing these reports, as detailed below.



​Guidelines for grant
​Forms for grant
​Israel Science Foundation (ISF)
​U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) Guidelines Forms
​German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) Guidelines Forms
​Ministry of Science and Technology Forms
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