The Reichman University research institutes and learning centers are focused on topics ranging from counter-terrorism and government reform to communications and psychology.

Harry Radzyner Law School

  • G City Real Estate Institute

    The G City Real Estate Institute (formerly the Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute) was established with the mission of serving as Israel’s central academic platform for the study and research of real estate.

  • Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program

    A new and innovative program providing exceptional students with a unique opportunity to examine the legal, ethical and social challenges of new technologies.

Arison School of Business​

  • Rothschild Caesarea Center

    For Capital Markets & Risk Management Headed by: Prof. Jacob Boudoukh

  • Data science Institute

    The Data Science Institute serves as an innovative arm, bridging academic research, professional education and industry demands.

  • Faculty Seminar

    The aim of these seminars is to encourage dialogue amongst the researchers community and to enrich the knowledge of the academic community. The seminar contributes to promoting the status of IDC as a leading innovative institution.

  • Fair Value Forum

    The Fair Value Forum (FVF) was established to contribute to the quality of information in the capital market, and to generate a productive and professional discourse on issues pertaining to the capital market.

Efi Arazi School of Computer Science​

Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy

  • American Public Opinion toward Israel, APOI

    APOI lab studying the relationship between the U.S. and the State of Israel with a specific focus on American public opinion and elite rhetoric and action.

  • Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

    ICT is an academic research institute worldwide recognized. Established to develop innovative public-policy solutions to regional and international terrorism.

  • The Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS)

    The Institute for Policy and Strategy was founded in order to contribute to Israel’s national policy and to the upgrading of its strategic decision-making process.

  • The Abba Eban Institute

    for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

  • The Institute for Liberty & Responsibility

  • POP-DM Program

    An internationally-renowned research, teaching and training program. It houses the Behavioral Political Science (BPS) lab, the Applied Decision Analysis (ADA)

  • Center for Shared Israeliness

  • CAP-IL

  • Computerized Decision Making Lab

  • Program on Democratic Resilience & Development

    The program is an interdisciplinary research, educational, and policy platform dedicated to the understanding of free and responsible societies.

  • The International Working Group on Subterranean Warfare

    The first international initiative bringing together experts to better understand subterranean threats.

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology

  • CANlab

    The The Communication, Aging and Neuropsychology Lab (CANlab) aims to find new ways to improve the quality of life of older adults by targeting communication.

  • CNS

    Our research group, led by Prof. Daniel A. Levy, focuses on understanding the core processes and brain systems that comprise human memory, learning, and attention.

  • SEL.IL Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in Israel

  • The Baruch Ivcher Institute For Brain, Cognition & Technology

  • Center for Developmental Social Neuroscience

    The center houses The Loralee West Laboratory for Brain Research and Human Development, directed by Simms- Mann Chair incumbent, Prof. Ruth Feldman.

  • Sagol Center for Brain and Mind

    The Unit is a research group that aims to apply recent advances in neuroscience to the solution of practical challenges in a broad range of fields.

  • The Social Cognition & Psychophysiology Lab

    The Laboratory studies relations to better understand the emotions, cognitions and behaviors that underlie conflict between individuals and between groups.

  • The ROCD Unit

    The Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Research Unit specializes in the research and treatment of obsessive-compulsive symptoms and cognitions relating to intimate relationships.

  • Center for Mindfulness and Neuroscience

    A center dedicated to increasing healthy and positive qualities of mind and promoting the well-being of both individuals and society.

  • Maytiv Center for Positive Psychology

    The Center promotes evidence-based community interventions and develops programs for the practice of positive psychology.

  • Psychology of Decision Making Research Center

    The Center develops psychological decision models and increase the availability of decision-research insights to academics, practitioners and organizations.

  • Power and Intergroup Relations Lab

    The research conducted in the lab advances psychological understandings of issues related to discrimination and inequality between groups.

  • The Sexuality and Close Relationship lab

    The lab conducts research that focuses on the contribution of the sexual system to relationship development, maintenance, and deterioration.

  • Ziama Arkin infancy Institute

    For Hebrew website

  • LGBTQ+ Psychology Lab

    leads diverse research which focuses on coping and adaptation processes of LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Technology and Mental Health Hub

    The hub researches the positive impact technology can have on mental health.

Sammy Offer School of Communications

  • The Research Center for Internet Psychology (CIP)

    The research focuses on the impact of the Internet on the psychological wellbeing of the surfer

  • Advanced Reality Lab (ARL)

    The lab studies human-machine confluence.

  • Media Innovation Lab (miLAB)

    The Lab (miLAB) research and prototyping lab that explores the future of media, technology, and human-computer interaction.

  • Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy

    The institute study and application of new media technologies for use in diplomacy

  • Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute

    Elevates the quality of journalism in the Middle East

  • VR lab for Conflict Research (VR-CORE)

    The VR-CORE Lab uses VR to study human behavior and decision making in conflict situations and builds innovative interventions for conflict resolution

  • The Sport. Media and Society (SMS) Research Lab

  • Technology and Mental Health Hub

    The hub researches the positive impact technology can have on mental health.

Tiomkin School of Economics

  • The Aaron Institute for Economic Policy

Innovation Center

  • Innovation Center

    The ever-accelerating technological revolution requires innovative academic frameworks to prepare students to confront the challenges of the 21st century. IDC is implementing a structural change.