"There is a real need for relevant academic research that can bridge the gap between academia's strength and capabilities and industry needs."

Data science is at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling and refueling massive economic growth and cultural shifts.

It promises to creep into every single area of our lives with each profession having to re-evaluate how it deals with data and implications.

The mission of the Data Science Institute is to cultivate applied research, technological breakthroughs and professional skills.

The Data Science Institute serves as an innovative arm, bridging academic research and industry demands. It operates alongside the disciplines within Reichman university's schools and leverages its unique interdisciplinary structure and culture.

The institute initiates and hosts joint academia industry ventures, and serves as a source for applied research breakthroughs and technological innovation.

Dr. Shai Fine, Head of the Data Science Institute


The Promotion of Applied Academic Research

The institute strives to make an impact via industry-graded PoCs and deliverables, such as working prototypes.

Hands-on Practical Education

Students work in joint, cross-domain teams, mastering algorithmic and product development methodologies while collaborating with industry professionals.