The heart of the institute is a set of focus areas, each of which represents an interlock between the enabling technologies, selected academic disciplines, and relevant industry/business segments. Each focus area is led by a prominent data scientist and a prominent researcher of the partnering academic discipline, together with their students.

The unique structure operates on three fronts


Development of theories and methodological tools


Hands-on guidance in small groups using advanced R&D methodologies

Technological Innovation

Development of applications and systems



Projects are led by senior, experienced, researchers and the teams include junior researchers and students. Each project team is committed to delivering both academic and technological outcomes.

Researchers and students from the relevant schools across IDC are invited to join existing activities and to initiate new ones, while getting full support (funding, computation and data resources, and professional assistance).

This structure is designed to nurture multidisciplinary efforts, and enable teamwork.



Multi-disciplinary team effort for a limited duration with impact-driven objectives and tangible deliverables


  • Study/project level – up to 1 academic year
  • Premium-project – a multi-year effort, up to 3 academic years
  • Stream/program – a set of projects covering a specific sub-domain

The various Verticals hold yearly events, open to the public, where the joint teams present their ongoing work, achievements, and future plans.

This structure and modus operandi are designed to provide agility and sustainability, and to nurture knowledge creation without compromising on academic depth and rigor.