Projects Advanced Reality Lab (ARL)

Members of Advanced Reallity Lab team are among the best researchers and experts in their field. Our Research projects are ground-breaking and at the front of academic research in the fields of virtual and augmented reality.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)


Real-time fMRI control of a humanoid robot: First ever Robotic reimbodiment using an fMRI interface.


Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) allow for a direct communication between a person's brain and any technological device – with applications for communication, control, rehabilitation, and more. Prof Friedman has been one of the first to work on the integration of BCIs with virtual reality and has been the first to demonstrate BCI control of a virtual avatar. The lab has also done some work on embedding SSVEP based BCIs in Unity, led by Jonathan Giron, and even BCI control of DNA origami nanobots (in collaboration with Dr. Ido Bachelet).


Following our work on EEG-based BCIs, the lab has worked on real-time fMRI BCIs – in research led by Dr. Ori Cohen and in collaboration with Rafael Malach's lab in the Weizmann Isntitute, we have demonstrated a whole brain machine learning classification system that can be used to control avatars, humanoid robots, and also demonstrated the application of real time fMRI for basic science.


Recently, our focus is on deep learning the brain – Ori Tal has demonstrated the superiority of deep learning for transfer learning among subjects, as compared to other machine learning approaches.