Awareness Communication Center​​

The Shari Arison Center for conscious communication encourages and promotes a world of conscious communication, responsible, ethical and moral communication by raising a personal awareness and moral commitment of the people in the world of media.

  • Goal

    Empowerment, Responsibility, Authenticity

    The Center’s goal is to lead the collective responsibility of the media in the country and the world, and to motivate journalists to a conduct of responsibility and personal awareness.

  • Empowerment

    Using influence to realize the potential that exists around us for self-realization, acting positively, which leads to growth, strengthening on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. When we are empowering, we recognize uniqueness and strengths, and try to contribute and improve on coping with challenges so we can attain new realms. We, at the Center, strive to lead and initiate the use of traditional and innovative media, online and other, in order to empower positive messages and values in the Israeli society and in general, via a collaboration with members of the media on all its levels.


  • Responsibility

    Involvement, awareness of the impact we have, a personal commitment to the realization of personal choices and their consequences. The responsibility is reflected in layers such as thoughts, words and deeds. Taking personal responsibility will inevitably lead to a collective responsibility,as well as human and environmental responsibility. The Center aims to promote the value of personal responsibility in the communications industry by the desire to produce role-models that will serve as an example to a moral, wise and responsible media conduct.


  • Authenticity

    To learn and to know myself, to be "who I am", to strive to person “unity” and from this unity - to express my unique voice in clarity and simplicity. To have faith in my personal way, in my choices and personal example that will lead to internal and external balance. However, authenticity will always befit the human dignity and the responsibility in the duty in place and in time. Our being "media people" requires us to listen and to express our personal, unique and true voice. Only by the unity between our inner self and what we chose to express in the outer sphere, we can make a difference, produce resonance and raise awareness of the messages we believe in.


The center is no longer active