At the turn of the third millennium, sport has crossed boundaries of countries, nationality, religion, gender and race and became a synonym for global culture. At the same time, and with the help of evolving media outlets, sports have become a major component of the global economy, with the accompanying industry responsible for employing a growing number of marketing, advertising and economics, alongside athletes, coaches and other assisting professionals, which have transformed sports into an international language and emerging profession.


The Sport, Media and Society (SMS) Research Laboratory at RU was established in 2013 by Prof. Yair Galily with the aim of creating a leading academic framework, with a conceptual, professional and academic focus for subjects related to communication, sports and culture. The lab allow space for dialogue, shared thinking and development, and will widen the circle exposed to the link between sports and communication at both academia and society as a whole.


  • Study, research and teaching in the fields of communication and sports (written, broadcast and digital media).
  • Establishing a network platform with significant content to promote knowledge and research in this key area, side to other related domains such as sociology and psychology of physical activity and sport.
  • Educating a quality academic human resource that will fit into the ever-growing sports and media industry.
  • Collaboration with similar research centers around the world and holding conferences and seminars on communication and sports.