The vision of the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy is to support sustainable economic growth and social resilience, along with poverty reduction, by designing a strategy based on measurable targets which can be subjected to international comparison, and proposing detailed plans for economic policies which are based on the most current international knowledge. We focus primarily on reforms towards economic growth which would stem from increasing employment and raising the GDP per hour worked (labor productivity) in Israel.

Conferences and Round Tables

Latest Policy Papers

  • Reducing Gaps Between Arab And Hebrew Educatio

    Idit Kalisher, Haneen Matar, Kiril Moskalev, and Marian Tehawkho
  • Promoting and Developing Digital Transformation

    Hila Axelrad, Sergei Sumkin and Shachar Haver
  • A Growth Strategy

    Zvi Eckstein, Avihai Lifschitz and Sarit Menahem-Carmi

    This paper presents a macroeconomic analysis of the sources of the productivity gap between Israel and comparable OECD economies, and proposes a comprehensive economic strategy for the Israeli economy.

  • Macroeconomic Policy Outline for Recovering the Economy

    Zvi Eckstein, Tali Larom and Avihai Lifschitz*