Aaron Institute for Economic Policy Dedicated to the memory of Aaron Dovrat

The vision of the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy in the Tiomkin School of Economics is to support sustainable economic growth and social resilience, along with poverty reduction, by designing a strategy based on measurable targets which can be subjected to international comparison, and proposing detailed plans for economic policies which are based on the most current international knowledge. We focus primarily on reforms towards economic growth which would stem from increasing employment and raising the GDP per hour worked (labor productivity) in Israel.

The key measure of sustainable economic growth – GDP per capita – is still low in Israel in relation to leading countries in the developed world, and this is also the case with labor productivity. Through its economic studies, the Aaron Institute presents targets, innovative policy tools, and reforms to promote growth, high-quality employment, and labor productivity.

The Institute’s mission is to help shaping the socioeconomic policy in Israel, through the development of long-term plans which would address the full range of economic and social issues facing the Israeli economy, particularly among families below the median of the income distribution, who comprise significant parts of the Arab and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) populations, where increasing employment and productivity would greatly contribute to achieving the goals of growth, social resilience, and poverty reduction. In addition, our studies aim to influence the professional discourse, and to stimulate discussion based on reliable information and on socioeconomic research which offers practical tools to achieve these goals.