The Center for Economic Policy of the Israeli Arab Society

The Aaron Institute has established a study program focusing on economic policy for Israel’s Arab society. The institute's vision for this program is to advance the manufacturing and business economy in Israeli-Arab society, and to enhance its integration in Israel's national economy. The program's advisory committee is headed by former Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran, and comprises several key figures from various fields in the Arab society. Every year, the advisory committee assembles to decide on the program's research plan, based on outcomes and accumulated knowledge.



This program is part of Aaron Institute's broad economic strategy for the Israeli economy, which aims to achieve sustained growth in GDP and productivity along with reduced poverty and inequality. The focus of the program's activity is promoting government decisions on implementation of long-term economic policies for Israel’s Arab society. In accordance with the program's vision, activity revolves around designing strategies and devising policies in the fields of education, employment and infrastructure, through collaboration with various government departments, and particularly the Ministry of Finance. Policy recommendations include proposals for detailed programs based on up-to-date data regarding the Arab population in Israel, as well as proven economic knowledge acquired nationally and internationally, which takes into consideration existing customs and cultural norms in Israel, including political limitations. Research findings and recommendations are presented at public roundtable discussions held in Arab localities, with participants including Arab and Jewish professionals such as researchers, decision-makers, and senior figures from the business and public sectors.



Our collaboration with government departments, especially the Ministry of Finance, makes it possible to expand the program's sphere of influence and to translate its proposals into government decisions with allocated funds, which engender the implementation of long-term policies in various fields.

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